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Sfogliatelle and soggy bottoms

Felt for the baker on GBBO whose sfogliatelle got Prue Leith's "not worth the calories" judgement last night. If you're having a glass on #winewednesday (or any other day) make sure it's worth the calories & the units by buying a real wine - beautiful, organic or biodynamically grown grapes, minimal manipulation in the winery, no funny business, just pure grape juice skilfully crafted into something delicious. Like Catherine & Pierre Breton's Bourgeuil from the Loire Valley in France for example. Trinch!

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Main engine start. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Liftoff

Ta-dah! Our online store is now live. We've created some mixed cases featuring some of our favourite wines to help you explore a more exciting world of wine, choose wines to enjoy with family and friends, to send as gifts, or just get in to prevent any unfortunate wine rack malfunctions i.e. running out on a Saturday night or only having that grim bottle you won at the village hall raffle 18 months ago. You can click and collect from the Market Hall or have it delivered locally or nationwide.  More cases coming as the seasons change and more delicious things arrive!

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