Back to our Roots Tasting - Wednesday 20th October

Back to our Roots Tasting - Wednesday 20th October


“Back to our Roots - Staying Natural” - we’re back with our first tasting since lockdown reaffirming our commitment to wines made by growers with a love and respect for the planet. Naturally delicious wines made from grapes that are organically or biodynamically grown and made with minimal intervention in the cellar - no secret ingredients, no funny business. This tasting will showcase wines from some of our favourite producers. Some may be a little unfamiliar or unexpected, some may be a little hazy, but they’ll all be amazing. Don't get stuck in the mainstream - discover a new and exciting world of wine.

The tasting will be held between 18:30 - 21:30 at petitglou in Shrewsbury Market Hall, we will have 6 wines to try while finding out all about them

A limited food menu will be available on the night but to book one of our substantial boards then please contact hello@petitglou to pre order, also tickets will be limited to 6 people per group

.... after party at glouglou!