Hazy, lazy summer - six great wines for sunny dayzzzz

Hazy, lazy summer - six great wines for sunny dayzzzz


A mixed case perfect for lazy summer days -

White wines

Fabrizio Vella Bianco, Sicily -
This is 100% Catarratto from one of our favourite producers, Cantine Rallo, named after their chief winemaker, Fabrizio . Made in a natural manner - organic viticulture, naturally occurring yeasts, no fining or filtration etc - from grapes grown on some of their younger vines up in the Alcamo hills in North West Sicily, it’s a great value wine for everyday drinking, perfect with a pizza, some pasta or just because its wine o’clock. Cantine Rallo’s conversion to organic and increasingly biodynamic viticulture has had a significant impact on a large area of the high plateau above Alacamo. Biodiversity has increased hugely, soil erosion reduced and it looks amazing. Organic. Vegan

Vinessens, Tragolargo Blanco, Alicante, Spain -
Roughly speaking, Tragolargo means “long drink” and this is made to be easy, thirst quenching, dare we say, smashable. It used to be produced by the legendary natural winemaker, Rafa Bernabé, famous for producing an extraordinary array of wines every year from the white to the red to the orange and beyond. However Rafa is retiring so has handed over production to his neighbours at Vinessens. Understandably they aren’t continuing to make quite the same number of wines but are instead concentrating on a few key wines and this is one made under Rafa’s guidance. It’s made from Moscato and Merseguera grown in sandy soils near the Med, given a couple of days skin contact (thus the orange tinge and firm texture). Amazing with a variety of food, especially with a bit of spice and heat. No added Sulphites. Organic. Vegan.

Rosé wine

Tenute Rubino, Negroamaro Rosato, Salento, Italy -
Like a lot agriculture in Southern Italy, Puglia has been associated with low cost and high volume for wine. However it has the potential for a lot more. Tommaso Rubino acquired four different vineyard sites in the 1980’s with the intention of discovering that potential and demonstrating the variety that was possible. This is made from local hero Negroamaro grown at sea level in sandy soils near Brindisi on the Adriatic coast. Perfect with pizza, calamari and sunshine. Vegan

Red wines

Les Chiens Catalans Rouge, France -
From Catalan Nord aka Roussillon, deep in Southern France, near the border with Spain. A field blend of Grenache Noir and Carignan (meaning the grapes are picked and fermented together rather than independently then the finished wines blended) it is easy drinking but a with distinctly french accent. Unlike many lower cost wines from the south of France and elsewhere this is vinified traditionally rather than with carbonic maceration which gives it a more structured and less obviously fruity style. Great with simple food that maybe involves a bit of cooking over charcoal. Vegan

Altolandon, Milhistorias, GNCH, Manchuela, Spain -
The Altolandon winery is at a remarkable 1100 meters above sea level in the province of Manchuela, South East Spain. The high altitude gives a huge day / night temperature range, a remarkable clarity of light, clean air and plenty of breeze which all adds up to a great environment to grow organically, produce healthy grapes with loads of character and balance. This one is made from Garnacha but in an aromatic, gentle style rather than the big, meaty, highly extracted expressions. The photo shows some of the soil types present in the area. Eat with a bean-y, paprika-y stew. Organic. Vegan.

Stephane Ogier la Rosine Syrah VDP des Collines Rhodaniennes, France -
This wine is the treat of this month’s box, from one of the northern Rhône’s rising starts. Stephane Ogier is based in Ampuis and makes stellar Côte Rôtie drawing on his experience working in Burgundy to make unusually delicate and scented wines that still pack some power and substance. Collines Rhodaniennes is an appellation for wines that either lie outside Côte Rôtie itself or for wines that for one reason or another (younger vines, less favoured sites, more difficult years) growers don’t feel are quite up to the Côte Rôtie moniker. In this case it is the former, a beautifully situated vineyard called La Rosine with granitic soils near Ampuis. It has masses of character, balance and is a wonderful expression of Syrah. Drink with proper dinner. Organic.

This case contains one bottle of each of these wines. If any is out of stock or becomes unavailable it will be replaced by one of equal or greater value and deliciousness.