This Month We're Mainly Drinking - six great wines to drink just now

This Month We're Mainly Drinking - six great wines to drink just now


Some people go dry in January we've heard.  

We couldn't condone such behaviour. Natch. To be fair we're not splashing out on anything too flash (though there are a couple of birthdays coming up which might prove to be a great excuse to open something a bit special...) but we are delighting in some great value wines that go so well with the richer dishes we're cooking at home or which I remind us of trips to the mountains in winter. Of course, they'll taste great in February too:

Cèdre Héritage Cahors
is a wonderful, herbal malbec from the grape's homeland in the south west or France.

Odfjell Armador Merlot
is full and fruity wine from Chile with rather more complexity than many - whether its the french winemaker or the biodynamic viticulture that makes all the difference we couldn't say (it's both probably!)

Cantina di Venosa Basilicata Rosso
is a deliciously robust red from the deepest south of Italy made from Aglianico. Great with salami, roast or grilled meat or with a proper pizza. 

From entirely the other end of Italy, Weingut Niklas Südtiroler Lagrein is from the Dolomite mountains. Perfect with polenta with cheese and mushrooms or venison.

Also from Südtirol / Alto Adige is Kellerei Meran Pinot Grigio. Lightyears away from overcropped, deeply underwhelming cheap and not so cheerful Pinot G this is a wine of real character and depth. Great with canederli, the local traditional dumplings.

And from Gard in the south of France, Domaine Saint Irénée Chardonnay is a lovely unoaked example, aged on fine lees for a bit of extra depth, perfect with a roast chicken.

This case contains one bottle of each of these wines. If any is out of stock or becomes unavailable it will be replaced by one of equal or greater value and deliciousness.