This Month We're Mainly Drinking - six great wines to drink just now

This Month We're Mainly Drinking - six great wines to drink just now


A mixed case perfect for drinking right now -

White Wines

Cantine Rallo, Bianco Maggiore, Grillo, Sicily - Cantine Rallo has been producing wine in Western Sicily for over 150 years, most famously for Marsala. Latterly however the firm was taken over by the Vesco family and they have moved to producing more wine, less Marsala and entirely organic farming with a bit of biodynamic experimentation on the side. With vineyards high up in the hills above Alcamo and down on the coast near Marsala they have growing conditions for a wide range of grape varieties. 

Coto de Gomariz, The Flower and the Bee, Treixadura, Ribeiro, Spain - This is native Galician grape variety Treixadura made into a full flavoured wine that’s still light on its feet, with aromas of herbs, white peach and pears. Fantastic with seafood, paella, salads with some personality or young cheese. (There’s a slight deposit of tartrate crystals in some bottles but that’s entirely okay and will cause no harm if you do drink them - it’s just a sign that the wine hasn’t been overly processed and was full of goodness to begin with!)

Red wines

Mas de Libian, Bout d'Zan, Côtes du Rhône, France - From biodynamically farmed vineyards in the hills at the head of the Ardéche gorge, deliciously spicy, fruity and fresh.

Altolandon, Milhistorias, Malbec, Manchuela, Spain - Using vines imported from Cahors, Malbec's spiritual and historical home, grown on vineyards high in south eastern Spain this has some of the herbal quality of French Malbecs and some of the fruit and power of Argentinean versions. Which is a wonderful thing. 

Ciu Ciu, Bacchus, Rosso Piceno, Italy - From the Marche in central Italy this is a blend of Sangiovese and Montepulciano. The perfect wine to enjoy with pasta.


Felicette, Grenache Rosé, Pays d'Oc, France - We may have passed peak rosé for the year but when the sun does come out you'll want something to glug in the garden or drink with a meal.

This case contains one bottle of each of these wines. If any is out of stock or becomes unavailable it will be replaced by one of equal or greater value and deliciousness.